Dynamically Load Only What's Neeeded

Reduce your worlds memory footprint by dynamically loading only those portions of the world that are needed (based on the player's position or custom specifications).

Slice To Your Hearts Desire

The slicing tool is a thing of beauty, allowing you to slice an entire terrain into smaller, equal pieces, or simply target a single area (useful for extracting select regions from terrains purchased on the Asset Store).

Every detail from the original terrain is replicated on the slice with astonishing accuracy (See Slicing Accuracy section for more details).

Create Large Worlds

World Re-Centering technology allows you to create rediculously large worlds, without having to worry about floating point issues.

Create Endless Worlds

Worlds can repeat any number of times, allowing you to create the illusion of a spherical planet.

Create Multiple Worlds

Two (or more?) worlds are better than one! With this package, there's nothing stopping you from utilizing more than one world in your scenes.

Create Or Destroy Worlds As Needed

Extensive API allows you to create or destroy worlds on the fly in game. This enables you to do some awesome things, such as selecting a specific world based on player input at the start of your game.

Create Side Scrolling Adventures

While the kit was initially designed around loading terrain on the X and Z Axes, it has since been expanded to allow for games that work on the X and Y Axes, such as 2D side scrolling platformer or puzzle games (note, use of non Terrain objects required for XY loading, as terrain only work on the X and Z axes).

Expand Into The Third Dimension

Traditional games utilizing Unity Terrain or side scrolling games only utilize two axes when determining which objects to dynamically load. But why use two axes when you could use three?

Expand into the third dimension and take your game to places you didn't know where possible.

Easily Extend The Kit

The kit has been designed with modularity in mind, which makes extending the kit a breeze.

For example, want to procedurally create your terrain at runtime? Simply create a new Cell Object Loader that does so, add it to your scene, and plug it into the appropraite field in the inspector (note, procedural content generation is an advanced technique, and I provide no insight with this kit on how to do it!).