About these instructions/learning material

The links to the left provide access to all learning resources related to the Terrain Slicing & Dynamic Loading Kit.

The What's Included page provides brief descriptions on every action, tool, component, and scriptable object in the kit, as well as details on how to access each tool, use each action, and create each component or scriptable object. This is a good place to begin if you are trying to get a sense of what's included with the kit, i.e., what it is capable of.

The Quick Guides are your next best resource, as they are the most up to date guides available and cover a variety of subjects in depth.

There are also some youtube videos available, though keep in mind that these are not updated as frequently as the quick guides and so may contain some out of date information. Generally, however, they are a good resource and will help you with setting up terrain slicing or dynamic loading.

Finally, you can also explore the Dynamic Loading portion of the kit's API, though this is mainly intended for advanced users seeking to extend the kit via scripting.

If you think the learning resources are lacking in some area or areas, please email me and let me know!